Free French worksheets by Martine Pillette during school closures

Martine Pillette (author of Labo Grammaire, C’est Parti, Vrai de Vrai, and many other amazing resources) has offered to create weekly sequences of activities to help French teachers during COVID-19 school closures. Linguascope would like to thank Martine for her extraordinary generosity.

Resources will be added weekly – be sure to bookmark this page to check for additional material.  

19 replies on “Free French worksheets by Martine Pillette during school closures”

Thank you so much to Martine for writing these and to Linguascope for hosting them. It appears both of the downloads for resource 4 may lead to the same file; could you please check whether this is the case and whether it is correct? Many thanks in advance.

Dear all,

Thank you for sharing these great resources. I just discovered Labo grammaire, C’est parti and Vrai de vrai too which look amazing! Is there a place where this kind of Linguascope softwares are gathered and is there an equivalent for Spanish by any chance? Thank you!

Thank you for sharing these resources, which we heard about through Steven Fawkes (ALL North East) – we are sharing them through our website and enewsletter as part of Newcastle City of Languages work.

Thank you for these excellent resources. The link for resource 18 leads to number 15 again, and the teachers’ notes link isn’t working.

Merci Martine pour ces ressources, vous êtes vraiment très généreuse, et merci à Linguascope de les avoir publié pour nous les profs.

Thank you SO much for these lovely resources. I am using them in Hampshire and I am truly grateful for the support. Linguascope – you are the BEST.

Merci beaucoup Martine pour toutes ses ressources vraiment sympas. j’espère que vous allez bien. Après avoir Ă©tĂ© Ă  un certain nombre de vos sessions (rĂ©elles), je dois dire que vous m’avez beaucoup inspirĂ©. Nous avons Ă©galement ‘c’est parti 1 et 2’ que j’utilise quotidiennement. En 3 mots, bravo et encore merci!

Thank you so much Martine for sharing these amazing resources with us. My students really like them. However I have noticed a mistake on resource 8 : it should have the option “elegant” in the masculine singular for “un hamster” but hasn’t.

Un grand merci, Martine! That is fantastic support!! I hope you keep well!Thank you to Linguascope as well for the free Webinars which are absolutely great!

Je ne le crois pas! Rien a preparar pendant les prochaines semaines!
Je viens de (juste) trouver vos ressources – je vous remercie infiniment!

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